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We are inviting you to Vietnam - Land of the Ascending Dragon

We are inviting you to the land of sun, sea, moutains and lakes, to a land unique, lying on the eastern part of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter “S”. China borders it to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, the East Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south.

Every year, Vietnam is visited by millions of tourists and when they leave the country they take back with them wonderful memory and a desire to return as soon as they can.

We guarantee nobody will leave Vietnam disappointed. Those hungry for adventure will get plenty of the thrills, those who are looking for the peace and a bit of calm will relax at Vietnam Beaches or Islands.

Visitor feel truly welcome in Vietnam when they experience our traditional Vietnamese hospitality.Vietnamese people are friendly and they smile all of the time and everywhere.If you have a chance to travel around in Vietnam, try to count how many Vietnamese smiles you see. That would be a hard work! People are smiling and waving to you all of the time! Welcome to Vietnam!

Asia Pacific Travel, one of the best tours & hotels seller in Vietnam, is always pround of being a great tailor made tours in Vietnam and Indochina.

Asia Pacific Travel Co., ltd  is a private owned enterprise which operates under International Travel Licence Number 01/014 from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Department.

We offer various and attractive excursions to every destinations throughout the country and the regional countries with the team professional and dedicated tour guides.

Our Business types & Tourism products
- Organization of inbound tours such as incentive groups, Classic tours, Adventure Tours, Trekking tours in Sapa, Kayaking tour in Halong bay, ....
- Organization of outbound tours to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China …
- Travel Consultation.
- Best Hotels Reservation  Services with great discount rates
- Reservation of plane, train ticket
- Car rental service
- Vietnamese Visa arrangement




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Vietnam Voyages - Asia Pacific Travel

Siège principal à Hanoï >> Carte locale>>
Adr : Floor 3th, rue Hoàng Quốc Việt, Arr.Cau Giay, Hanoï, Vietnam
Tél: (84.24) 38 36 42 12 - (84.24) 37 56 88 68
Télécopie : (84.24)3 7567862
Mél :

Vietnam Voyages à Danang >> Carte locale>>
Adr : Floor 4th, rue Cao Thắng , Arr.cHaiChau, Danang, Vietnam
Tél: (84.236) 6 286 088
Télécopie : (84.236) 3 531 897
Mél : info@adventuretours.vn

Vietnam Voyages à Hochiminh Ville >> Carte locale>>

Adr : Suite 403, Floor 4th, rue Cao Thắng, Arr.3, HCM Ville, Viet Nam
Tél: (84.28) 3 8333388 - (84.28) 6 2729925

Télécopie : (84.28)3 8334083

Tél portable : (84.9) 53335548

Mél: info@adventuretours.vn